Vacation Bible School 2024

What is the purpose of VBS?

Many people may wonder what the purpose of Vacation Bible School is and if it’s still relevant. The answer is actually very simple: the purpose of VBS is to minister children in the church, and the surrounding communities, and to create evangelism opportunities. This purpose is supported by a creative theme of Bible study, activities, worship, and even time for some tasty snacks. If you are not sure VBS is for you, here are a few things to consider: 
1. VBS is a dependable ongoing ministry.
Since Real Life was planted we have invested in children through Vacation Bible School. VBS can be a short-term event with long-term results.
With a typical five-day time frame, VBS offers a chance to pull out all the stops and create an unforgettable experience. Research shows connections made during VBS result in salvations, discovery of church prospects and potential workers for other ongoing children’s programs. Also, it is not uncommon for a leader to volunteer to help for “just one week of VBS,” and feel God’s tug on his or her heart to work with kids permanently.
2. VBS creates lasting memories.
VBS is a special event that creates memories that help lock Bible truths in a child’s heart and mind for a lifetime. Birthday parties and other special events have themes that use creativity to evoke feelings of excitement. Games, food, decorations and fun all link together in a total package. VBS does the same thing. When we connect with kids through this ministry, the biblical truths that permeate all aspects of VBS also connect with their hearts and minds.
3. VBS is an opportunity to share the gospel.
VBS is an intentional evangelistic opportunity. The biblical content built into the curriculum lays foundational truths that help kids understand who Jesus is and why they need a personal Savior. The relationships you develop with kids and their families can provide many opportunities to not only show the love of Jesus, but to share the truth of the gospel.
4. VBS is an event that we customize.
VBS is what you make it. We provide an on-campus experience that encourages our church kids to bring their friends with the purpose of sharing the good news about Jesus. Kids will come to love and talk about the events that excite them, engage them, and help them know that God and the people at your church really care about them.
VBS is an opportunity to ignite the imagination of our church, involve volunteers for a specific “doable” commitment and connect with the kids in our church and community. The methods we use will create memories. The message we share change lives.
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