Marriage Group

Our Marriage Group Ministry is an ongoing small group that provides a safe place for couples to explore their relationship among supportive peers. All couples are there for the same purpose – to intentionally strengthen and grow their relationship. Learning from and sharing with other couples is a positive and relationship affirming experience. While no two relationships are the same, we are all traveling on the path to a stronger marriage, so why not travel with friends?
Statistically, couples who are part of a Marriage Group Ministry thrive. They experience a safe environment in which to explore and grow their relationship – with each other, with other couples committed to growing their own relationships and most importantly with the Lord.
Couples that “dialogue” experience more fulfilling and enjoyable relationships, better understand each other, and develop a way to communicate effectively even when dealing with difficult issues.

Consider these troubling facts: 

Fact 1: 69% of churches do not have an ongoing marriage ministry. For most churches, “family ministry” means programs for the children and youth, and strong marriages are supposed to just “happen” without any intentional care.
Fact 2: Comparatively few churches have a comprehensive (8-10 hours) pre-marital program that couples are required to complete before being married in the church.
Fact 3: Most mega-churches have 5-10 full-time children and youth pastors, but not even one fulltime marriage pastor.

It is important to ask, “Why is it important for our church to minister more effectively to married couples?”

Real Life’s marriage Groups exists to intentionally strengthen and equip couples to have Christ-centered, satisfying, and long-lasting marriages…the kind that will be a testimony to who Christ is (John 13:34-35, 17:20-23), to the difference that He can make in a marriage and one that will truly impact this generation for the gospel while making genuine disciples.
• Christ – Centered
• Satisfying
• Long – Lasting
• A Testimony to Christ
• To impact this generation
• To make genuine disciples
Our Marriage Group Ministry will focus on the following categories:
• Preparing for marriage: Couples need to learn key principles about God’s purposes for marriage and about how to maintain a solid relationship. Preparing people for marriage will focus not only on the engaged couples in your church, but also young singles and single parents as most of them will marry. Widows, widowers and previously married people will need to be prepared for the blended family that will result if they remarry.
• Newlywed marriages: Those who have been married less than five years need to understand God’s design for marriage and how that will require them to make adjustments in their daily lives. Couples who are creating a blended family through marriage will especially need help as they face issues that other couples do not.
• Enriching all marriages: If you lead couples to intentionally and consistently build into their marriages, they tend to be more equipped to serve in the church. Couples who have a spouse in the military and blended families need additional support.
• Restoring marriages in crisis: As any marriage ministry becomes established, it quickly becomes apparent that many relationships are in distress—often more than you realize. This can sometimes feel overwhelming, but experience teaches as you point them individually to Christ, He will often restore their marriage.
The church should be the number one distribution center for healthy marriages within this country because of its unique role…We will be that church!