Dear Parent,

As the parent of a teenager, you know the disconnect that often occurs between what teenagers say they believe and how they live throughout their lives. Teenagers, like all Christ-followers, fight the constant temptation of falling into the trap of saying one thing while doing another.

The Book of James clearly addresses this issue. James puts forth a simple idea: our actions should match our beliefs. This is what it means to live a vivid faith through the power of the Holy Spirit.

In light of this, I’m pleased to tell you that your child is right in the middle of a meaningful time of Bible study and application through a study from youthministry360 entitled Vivid: A 6-lesson Study on the Book of James. This is challenging students to evaluate their faith and their actions, to identify where the two don’t match up, and to make the necessary changes to live a life of vivid faith.

For the last three weeks and for the next three weeks, your child has/will learn about:

• the struggle with sin that lives in every Christ-follower

• the danger of showing favoritism to those who are easy to like

• the importance of spiritual fruit in our lives

• the power of words

• the futility of trying to love the world and God

• the importance of submitting to God’s leadership

We want to be known as a student ministry that leads students to live a vivid faith, standing as a powerful witness to a watching world.

Please pray for our ministry, your teenager, and your teenager’s friends as we challenge them to live what they claim to believe.