Our Story…

Since 1971, First Baptist Church Hollister has faithfully served the community of Hollister and the greater Branson area. However, in the Spring of 2021, after a year of seeking the Lord’s guidance and direction, the church decided it was time for something new. First Baptist Church of Hollister would be replanted. It would become Real Life Church Hollister. Real Life Hollister would have new leadership and a new mission and vision for reaching and serving our community.
 Replanting … what does this mean? Replant?
Think of it like this …
You were given a beautiful plant! Everyone who came to your house complimented you on its size, health, and vibrance, and the fragrance was breathtaking. Now, one day, you noticed the plant was changing. Its leaves were turning pale yellow, and the plant looked slightly withered. You didn’t forget to water it. Maybe someone else overwatered it. Perhaps it isn’t getting enough light. You love this plant and will do whatever it takes to save it! If you don’t act now, it is going to die! Quickly, you get the plant into a pot where you can return to the basics. You get good soil in the pot with some quality nutrients. You can now make sure it is getting ample sunshine and water. Deep green color starts to return to the leaves, and its strength begins to return. It takes time, but it is coming back!
Now, replace the flower in a pot with a church in a community. This is “replanting.” As Christians, we need to lock arms and fight to stop the trend of dying churches in our communities. First Baptist Church Hollister has done its part.
Thousands of people in our county have yet to experience “Real Life” in Jesus Christ. Real Life, i.e., the real meaning of life, both now and in eternity, is found in the restoration of our relationship with God. This restoration is only possible through God’s Son, Jesus Christ, who reconciles us to God. Yet, tens of thousands in our county have yet to enjoy the hope that is only found in Jesus. Even many who attend church regularly still fail to experience “Real Life” in Jesus Christ. Though the number of Christians in the population at large is growing, the percentage of Christians is in decline compared to the population growth. Taney County has many healthy and growing churches. Some of you have been blessed by sister churches, and we need to pray for their continued fruitfulness. However, if our neighbors, co-workers, and friends throughout Taney County are going to come to know Jesus and flourish to God’s glory – we need dozens of new churches. We believe in a both/and approach. We want to see established churches increase in fruitfulness AND see new churches multiply across our county and beyond, experiencing real life in Jesus Christ.
This is who Real Life Hollister is as a church; it is our heart. We look forward to meeting you and to having you as our guest. Please know we are praying for you and our community. Hope to see you this Sunday!